3 Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Running Network Cables

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Regardless of the size or type of the business, you need to have an efficient and reliable telecommunication system. Installing the right hardware is certainly key to running the system smoothly, but achieving efficiency without establishing a solid network is impossible.1

Data and communications have become unforgiving and cannot tolerate a lot of errors. However, it is important that you have appropriate network cabling knowledge to not just install a fully functional network, but also to safeguard the integrity of your business.

Here are some common network cabling pitfalls that your business might be vulnerable to; knowing what not to do can help you avoid common mistakes and resulting consequences.

  1. Overlooking the Future Needs

While Cat5 cabling may cost lesser than Cat5e or Cat6, you need to be mindful of your future needs when installing cabling system. As your organisation continues to grow, you may require upgraded network to meet your growing needs for high-speed applications and technologies. Keeping this in mind, it’s wise not to go for anything less than 5e cables.

  1. Running Cables Parallel with Electric Wires

Data cabling comprises a magnetic field which may become disrupted when running parallel with electric wires. The disruption may cause noise and slow transmission of data across the network. In some cases, the transmission may not even make it from point A to point B, leading to system failure.

If running the cable across the same path is unavoidable, use shielded or cross cable in perpendicular instead of parallel. If you maintain a distance of minimum 2 feet between the cables, it may cause little hindrance in transmission.

  1. Ignoring Cabling Codes and Laws

Failure to adherence to cabling laws and codes may pose threats to the safety of the personnel in the event of mishap or emergency. For example, PVC emits toxic fumes upon burning, and thus, may put firefighters and other safety personnel at risk when navigating the area during an emergency. Furthermore, a violation may also result in heavy fines and penalties as well as the possibility of having to replace the entire system with compliant equipment, which may further add to your expense.

In order to avoid these problems, hire the cabling contractor who is well versed with cabling laws and codes in your area. While it may seem like a good deal when going with the lowest bid, it may cost much higher in the long run if you fail to abide by the laws.

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