3 Networking Mistakes Every Business Needs to Avoid

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1Substandard security, non-compliance with industry standards and lack of planning are some of the greatest network pitfalls that cost organisations money, time and even loyal customers.

In order to ensure a network that is smooth and one that delivers top performance with minimal downtime, you require thought, awareness of current technology and a clear plan.

Pay attention to these shortcomings and avoid networking mistakes that turn up over and over again:

Non-Standard Construction

From overheating to inadequate power to lost data – companies can experience all these problems if construction is not according to standards. Today, data centres are larger and complex than ever; thus non-standard or poor standard constructions don’t work in this competitive business environment.

In 2005, the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) published the TIA-942 standards. These standards set requirements for network architecture, system redundancy, file backup, security, power management, hosting and a number of other procedures. TIA 942 not only covers the network, but also supplemental services. It ensures consistency, highly reliable networks and features expandability and scalability. Thus, always ensure that your workplace follows the TIA-942 standards set by TIA.

Not Paying Attention to Physical Security

If anyone can wander in your server room, it is an indication of substandard access control. Your network security system is flawed. Unrestricted physical access to a network room is a huge substantial threat. If an individual has physical access to a device, he has access to data as well.

There are various ways through which you can ensure the physical security of your network. From simple port locks to sophisticated remote monitoring systems – all methods help you safeguard your security systems. Other methods to ensure safety include biometric locks, password security, etc.

Lack of Technical Support

In the midst of a deadline oriented task, your company experiences network issues; your support staff is inaccessible at the moment. What do you do?

This problem can be solved by contracting with a service that offers network and IT support. IT support companies offer management and installation of the network, internet services and IT consultation services. These companies are well equipped with technological and network knowledge; thus are able to resolve your IT matters in no time.

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