4 Fiber Optic Myths Busted!

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In essence, fibre optic cable is a hair like a conduit that’s used to carry virtually any type of signal from one point to another at the speed of light. Compared to copper-based signals, fibre optics are much denser and hence faster. This is what makes them far superior and that’s one reason of their immense popularity in the cable television, telecommunications, and computer networking fields.

Despite that fact, fibre optics isn’t free from some common myths that IT Solutions have deemed upon itself to break.

Myth #1: Because Fiber Optic Is Made Of Glass; It’s Easy to Break

This statement isn’t true. Even if in most cases fibre optic does require more care, but the one that’s assembled by IT Solutions is specifically designed to withstand even the most rugged of installations. The military as an example that often makes use of fibre optic cable in their harshest areas, all due to getting reliable communication in return.

Myth #2: Fibre Optic Is More Expensive Than Copper

If that’s the main reason why you didn’t have fibre optic cable installed for your business communications network then know this now. Keeping the entire costs of the network in mind, costs of fibre and copper prove to be similar which is why investing in fibre optics is the better idea as this will save money. How?

  • No need for additional telecom closets
  • Less power usage
  • Higher data rates
  • More Eco-friendly

Myth #3: Fibre Doesn’t Support Wireless Networks

Fibre optic cables are commonly used by telecommunications companies due to their large bandwidth and a long term compatibility with network equipment. Contrary to belief, the optic cable is more than able to carry wireless telephone and other wireless network signals from a long distance (the towers) to you.

Myth #4: Fibre Optic Cables Are Difficult To Install

Back in the days when grind and polish type connectors were still being used, it was slightly difficult installing a fibre optic cable. This was a precise business that required the expertise of specialists in order for the cable to be installed correctly. Over the years, some very useful improvements have been made that have eliminated the need for the CATx connectors, making fibre optic cables the preferred choice of our technicians and clients alike.

Now you know; not all myths are true and in most cases, it’s quite the opposite. We hope this encourages you as a business owner to consider employing network cabling services from IT Solutions and join the new business revolution.

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