4 Ways to Boost Your Internet Speed

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Whether you are using your home internet for personal use or for business reasons, managing the right speed of the internet is crucial to ensure a faster computing experience.

If your internet is taking too long to load a web page, it’s probably time to make a few adjustments to improve the performance of your internet connection. Here is what you can do.

  1. Upgrade Your Router

To start with, check the age and status of your wireless modem. If your device is outdated or too old, replace it with the latest technology. An updated router may give stronger signals and higher speed, thus improving your browsing experience. While replacing the old wireless A, B, and G router with wireless N or AC may1 cost slightly higher, it is worth the investment if you are using your internet for business purposes. Don’t forget to invest in high quality network cabling.

  1. Position Your Router at the Right Place

Improper placement of the router is a common mistake that affects the speed of the internet. While most home users place their router close to the desktop, it is not the best location for the device. Ideally, your router must be placed in the centre of the home or in an area with minimal obstructions or walls for optimal coverage. Remember that wireless signals travel through the floor, so any obstruction or interference may badly affect the performance of your internet.

  1. Get Rid of the Interference of other Appliances

Certain devices emitting EM fields can weaken the strength of your router signals, thus affecting the performance of your internet. Cordless phones and microwave ovens are some common appliances known to cause interferences. While these devices may not have cut-off the signals often, it’s the place of your Wi-Fi in relation to the appliances that matters.2

In order to avoid this, you can buy a dual band router to maintain a consistent and steady internet speed. If you do not want to invest in the device, you can always move your router away from the interfering appliances.

  1. Secure Your Internet with Better Measures

3If your router does not have a password, others can easily steal your Wi-Fi. Secure your internet with a strong security system. Use a WPA password to keep unauthorised users from stealing the speed and performance of your internet.

Never compromise on the quality and speed of your internet. In order to attain this, make sure that you are using the best internet provider to get the ideal speed while ensuring the security of your data.

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