5 Christmas Gift ideas for IT People

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When it comes to getting gifts for those the tech crowd, you’re going to have a lot of choices to explore.

The tech world is full of individuals that buy themselves everything, and are usually already on top of a lot of different gifts, toys, and different things that make it somewhat difficult to find the “best” gift to get that special someone. This holiday season, consider the following gifts that will help you get the best gift for the IT people in your life.

Retron 5 Console

What’s so big about the latest iteration of the Retron console? It’s a gaming console that plays nearly every single retro console. That’s right, everything from the original Nintendo (8-bit), to Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. Oh, and it’s not just that, you can also play all iterations of Gameboy, and even games in the PAL, and Japanese marketplace. Doesn’t sound good enough? They all play with HDMI upscaling, which is something that no other console does right now in the retro era.

Find the Retron 5 Console here

Roku 3

Streaming media is all the rage, and it’s an interesting thing to get into. The tech world most likely already has the latest gadgets, but they may not look into the Roku 3 straightway. There’s a lot of competition and this one is priced a bit higher. The one key thing that you will want to go for here is the fact that this option has Ethernet connectivity, which means that it will stream media as fast as your connection allows. Wireless streaming through Wi-Fi, doesn’t work as fast, and this is the only iteration of the Roku series right now that offers it. It’s an easy thing to overlook, so you may find that the tech guys in your life may not have this, but they’ll definitely want it.

Find the Roku 3 here

iPad Air 2 

Amidst the tablets on the market, Apple has things wrapped up at the best of bunch. This gives you more power, more tools, productivity software, and so much more. It’s hands down better, and while it boasts a higher price tag, it has better reviews, better operating systems, and so much more. Side by side with other tablets, you will not be able to match the brute strength that Apple has with the iPad Air 2.

Find the iPad Air 2 here


NEST Thermostat

Home automation is set, and it’s starting to come to life in a whole new way. Go for this gift and help everyone in your life automatically connect with thermostats and much more. Tie together smart devices with temperature controls, appliances, and so much more with these devices. Right now the big item is the “NEST” thermostat automation device. With this simple element, your thermostat will automatically know what temperature to set at what time and what you like. Don’t like it? Well a smartphone app lets you get ultimate control.

Find the Nest Thermostat Here

Batman The Original TV Series Box Set

The wildcard in the mix is this one, but it’s well worth looking into. Batman’s original 1960s run has never come out on DVD, until now. This holiday season, the original series, all 120 episodes have finally been released in an officially licensed box set with extra features, artwork, and more. This is the absolute first time that you can get this without piracy, and Warner Bros. has done it right, meaning all the IT people are going to want to get their hands on this one.
Find the Batman Box Set here

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