Debunking Myths that are Keeping you From Automating Your Home

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The goal of installing smart home features from one corner of your home to the other is not an unattainable target. Considering the pace at which technology is advancing and expanding, the day when every home will be a smart home is not far. According to a recent study conducted by Strategy Analysts, up to 40% of U.S. households will be fitted with smart devices by 2019.

One of the biggest reasons why most homes are still not equipped with this next generation technology are the myths that surrounding this technology. To learn more about these fallacies, read below:

Myth#1 – This Is an Expensive Technology

Truth: This is one of the most common myths that homeowners strongly believe in. Homeowners must understand the fact that high technology is not just within the reach of high rollers, but it’s accessible to common people as well. Today, home automation is far more affordable than it was a few years ago. Additionally, you can start with just one feature and then gradually expand to other features across your home as per your convenience.

Myth#2 – Smart Home Applications Are Technical

Truth: Yes, smart home products introduced initially were quite technically complex and buggy. In fact, only tech-savvy individuals could have operated some applications. However today, things are different and better. If not all, most smart home features of home automation packages are simpler to use, providing easy control over the all of your lights, heating, security, and entertainment systems via smartphones or tablets.

Myth#3 – Smart Home Systems Can Be Easily Hacked

Truth: This isn’t completely untrue. Since home automation runs through the internet and computer systems, there are slight chances that it may be hacked but that’s only a possibility if appropriate security measures are not practised. Just as you are unlikely to leave your doors unlocked prior to rushing for work, you wouldn’t leave your home automation system at risk. Highly professional home automation services offer firewall programs, password protection, and other security measures to avert unwanted intrusions.

Myth#4 – Home Automation Can Only Be Installed In New Homes

Truth: Many homeowners believe that a home automation system can only be installed and wired during the construction phase of homes. However, this is not true at all. Gone are the days when home automation demanded breaking of walls and wiring. Today, home automation systems are highly compatible with existing homes. In reality, this technology had evolved to allow homeowners to automate their homes over time and at their convenience.

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