Jan 30

Digital Marketing Proposal Request

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Welcome to your Digital Marketing Proposal Request

Name Business Email Phone Number


Business Name


Phone Number

Email Address

Tell us about your business.

Can you name your 3 top competitors?

Why should your customers choose you over your competition?

What product of service would you like to sell more of?

What does your typical sales process look like?

Describe your ideal customer?

What is the average lifetime value (LVT) of a client or customer? I.E. $1,500

What is your company's short and long term goals?

Have you invested in digital marketing before?

If so, which forms of digital marketing have you invested in or are currently invested into?

Please list a radius OR specific cities you would like to target with digital marketing.

How many new customers would you like to acquire per month?

How much are you willing to invest to gain one new customer? (Ex. $675 per customer)

What have been your MOST and LEAST effective advertising methods to date and why?

Have you worked with a digital marketing agency before? If so, how was the experience?

What is your biggest concern when it comes to working with a digital marketing agency?

Ideally, what would the perfect digital marketing campaign achieve for you and your company?

Is there anything preventing you from investing in digital marketing today?

If you were to search for products and services your company is selling online, what would you type into a search engine such as google?
Please list at least 5 search queries.