Setting Up Server Room for a Small Business

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1Growing your business requires more than just increasing your financial resources. Starting with setting up a server room can be a good way to capitalise on your organisational resources. Besides giving better control over your assets, it may also allow you to secure the integrity of your business for future growth and success.

Setting up a server room can be intimating. With basic understanding, though, it can become a lot easier for you to properly set up your new hardware and network equipment. Here are some tips for getting started.

Acquire Rack-Mount Equipment

Most small businesses start their operations by hoarding their equipment and appliances on a shelf or a desk. While this may save them some hard cash, it may soon turn into a mess, thus resulting in operational inefficiencies. Besides, exposed hardware is almost always susceptible to physical tampering and accidents which may also put your data resources at risk.2

Rack-mount equipment is, therefore, the most appropriate solution for proper hardware management. This equipment can be easily installed into a dedicated framework to allow efficient management of IT assets. While they may cost a little higher than their non-rack mount equivalents, they are far easier to manage. Besides, they can perfectly consolidate your network resources while occupying minimum floor space.

Choose an Isolated Place for Servers

Server equipment typically creates noise and disturbance. If possible, dedicate an isolated room for servers to prevent productivity-dampening noises. Aside from this, it may also protect your resources against security problems, such as theft or tampering.

If placing the rack within the department is the only choice you have, use racks with sound dampening properties to manage the noise within the room.

Install Air Conditioning System

When deploying large network attached storage (NAS) system, you may need a proper cooling system to keep the level of heat in control. High temperatures can dramatically affect the equipment’s performance and life and even lead to inexplicable crashes and outages. However, installing air conditioning system in the server room is highly recommended.

As central air conditioning units are typically switched off after a certain time, make sure that you use separate air conditioning units for uninterrupted cooling.

Label Everything

Labelling and documentation of your set up may save on maintenance time, reduce the chances of mistakes and keep your system in proper working order. Label each server and network appliance with descriptive names and notes. Also, attach to the server cabinets detailed notes related to data backup, networking, and shut down in the event of a power outage.3

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