Starting a Small Business? Check Out These 3 Remote IT Solutions That You Essentially Need

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Small and medium-sized businesses make up a large part of the global economy. Today, nearly 41 percent of the total workforce of Canada is employed by small and medium businesses.

While technological trends have opened up countless opportunities for small businesses, it has brought about various operational challenges for managers as well. Part of running a dynamic business is figuring out how to provide secure and reliable IT systems for a remote workforce. Whether they are on the go or working from home, employees now seek simple ways to access their work related files and apps.

Luckily, efficient and convenient remote access systems are gaining traction. So let’s take a look at some of the tools that are indispensable for you if you are starting a small business.

  1. High Speed Internet

Communication is the backbone of any organisation. An efficient communication system cannot be made possible without a high-speed internet.1

While you may find a few different internet options, professionals recommend fibre optics broadband. With greater bandwidth and high speed, they can greatly influence the efficiency and performance of your business. Besides this, fibre optics internet also offers better security and reliability, which is pivotal to managing the integrity of the business data.

  1. Fully Managed Hosted Exchange Mailboxes

Email hosting typically requires several mail servers, software applications, and security filters to manage the organisation’s email communication system.

2A hosted exchange mailbox service may provide you with a cost-efficient solution to manage all aspects of the email environment for a small monthly or annual fee. With a hosted exchange mailbox, you can save on the cost of IT infrastructure and email management which may considerably affect your overall business expenditures. Besides that, the service’s highly secure, stable, scalable, and updated email system also helps you streamline your processes and workflows, which may have a drastic impact on the growth and development of your business.

  1. Data Center

Businesses need to manage large data sets to run their operations more efficiently. In order to do this, hosted data centres provide businesses with the capacity to manage huge volumes of data while saving on the costs of hardware and maintenance. With no hardware or data sets to manage, you can easily focus on core business tasks to improve profits and growth of your business in the long run.3

Remote IT access has thus, reshaped the structure of thousands of businesses across the globe. Not only has this made businesses more productive, but has also caused major shifts in terms of organisational efficiency and strategic decision-making.

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