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IT - Assessments

Acquire valuable IT insights through our comprehensive assessments. We analyze your systems, pinpoint improvement opportunities, and offer strategic efficiency and security enhancements.

Key Aspects Typically Covered in an IT Assessment

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Security Assessment

Evaluation of cybersecurity protocols, encompassing firewalls, antivirus software, and intrusion detection systems. Detection and assessment of potential weaknesses and threats.

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Infrastructure Review

Evaluation of hardware, servers, network devices, and other components of IT infrastructure. Reviewing current configurations of both hardware and software.

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Data Management

Examination of data storage, backup, and recovery procedures. Evaluation of data governance and adherence to regulations concerning data protection.

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Software and Applications

Assessment of current software applications and their alignment with business requirements. Review of software licensing agreements and adherence to compliance standards.

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Network Performance

Evaluation of network architecture, bandwidth capacity, and overall operational performance. Identification of bottlenecks or areas necessitating enhancement.

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IT Policies and Procedures

Examination of IT policies, procedures, and documentation. Evaluation of IT governance and adherence to compliance standards.

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Assessment of strategies and procedures established for business continuity and disaster recovery. Suggestions for improving resilience.

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User Support and Training

Evaluation of IT support services and user training initiatives. Recognition of potential areas for enhancing user experience.

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Cost Analysis

Assessment of expenses related to IT and suggestions for optimizing costs. Planning and forecasting of budgets.

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Cloud Services

Assessment of the security and cost-efficiency of cloud services.

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