Managed Hosting in our N+1 Redundant

With our broad spectrum of network cabling installation services in Toronto, Montreal and Calgary, Vancouver we provide comprehensive data cabling solutions; voice cabling solutions, boardroom and fiber optic cabling solutions. Whether you’re looking for Cat 5e cabling, Cat 6 cabling, fiber cabling or WiFi access points.

Managed Hosting in our N+1 Redundant Datacenter

IT-Solutions offers Canadian Managed Hosting for all your infrastructure needs. With a fully N+1 redundant datacenter located in Toronto, Ontario, you can be assured that your data will be safe and hosted in Canada. Managed Hosting reduces your upfront costs on hardware, reduces costs of maintenance, and provides you with peace of mind. With no hardware to worry about, you can focus on running your business applications while we work in the background to ensure that your infrastructure is running and performing at an optimal state.


From a single physical or virtual server to a highly complex cloud or high availability server farm, we can help you get the right setup and scale as required.


Not many companies realize how important backups are until it’s too late. Our disaster recovery options can help you mitigate downtime and lost revenue.


From Intrusion Detection Systems blocking suspicious behaviors or a basic firewall filtering out the good from the bad, or Site to Site SSL VPN connections interconnecting offices – we offer and manage a range of security solutions to keep you out of harm’s way.


Our Triple-E (Exceeding Every Expectation) support means we will ALWAYS go to the our limits to provide you with the right solution.Any issues encountered through a rigorous process of escalation that always ends in a satisfying resolution.

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