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User Support / Helpdesk

Experienced remote support engineers get your users back to work quickly 24/7/365..


On-site Support

Experienced technicans at your office to resolve issues wherever you need it.


Server Management

24/7/365 Remote monitoring, preventative maintenance and expert technical support.


Network Management

Support for your offices wired and wireless networks, internet and firewalls.


Cloud Management

Management & administration of key Cloud applications such as Microsoft 365.


IT Leadership

Professional IT Leadership, IT planning, and technology consulting.

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Our Capabilities

Tracking, Maintaining, and optimizing your organization’s IT resources to enhance efficiency, reduce costs and ensure compliance.

Streamlines tasks, reduce human error, and boost productivity by using software and scripts to perform routine processes and maintenance

Tracking systems and processes to ensure compliance with industry standards and optimize performance and security.

Providing Real-time assistance to users, resolving technical issues from a remote location, improving efficiency and reducing downtime.

Maintaining comprehensive records and standardized protocols for consistent, organized, and effective IT management.

Ensure consistency, track changes, and maintain accurate records of hardware and software configurations, promoting reliability and security.

Planning, implementing, and controlling IT changes to minimize disruption and ensure a smooth transition

Monitor and record modifications to systems, applications, or configurations for transparency, security, and troubleshooting.

Logging, tracking, and analyzing support requests to improve service quality and identify trends.

Proactive measures to safeguard systems, networks, and data against threats, including monitoring, threat detection, and incident response, to protect businesses from cyberattacks.

Our Platform

Helpdesk, remote, and on-site support in Managed IT Services provide comprehensive assistance, ensuring quick issue resolution. Helpdesk streamlines communication, remote support offers timely solutions, and on-site support handles complex problems, collectively improving efficiency, reducing downtime, and enhancing user satisfaction.

Strategic planning and decision-making, aligning technology with business goals. We offer innovation, cost optimization, and risk management, ensuring technology drives business success.

We streamline technology acquisition and setup to ensure cost-effectiveness, scalability, and timely deployment, leading to optimized resource utilization and reduced downtime.

Ensuring successful planning and execution of IT initiatives. Delivering defined outcomes, improved efficiency, cost control, and innovation, aligning technology projects with business objectives and driving growth.

Providing secure, scalable, and reliable infrastructure, enhancing performance, disaster recovery, and cost-efficiency, allowing businesses to focus on core operations while ensuring data and application availability.

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Finally an IT service company that helps small business! Very pleased with the advice, service, fees, and the follow-up. Strong recommendation.(approx. 15 staff, 7 wired computers, plotters, printers, wifi, etc.) operating out of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada