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How Much Do IT Services Typically Cost In Toronto?

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You’ve probably heard a lot by now about how managed IT support in Toronto saves businesses money. Chances are you’re probably wondering if that’s something your business can benefit from as well. This tends to be the most cost-effective and efficient IT solution most of the time. It allows businesses to outsource their IT needs to experienced professionals proficient in handling everything from small glitches and major complex issues.

However, figuring out the pricing structure of IT services and support specifically for small and medium businesses can be hard. The costs associated with managed IT are somewhat situation-based.

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed is a term frequently bandied about and utilized by providers across every industry. Managed IT services are where outsourced professionals perform a wide range of services on your behalf while managing some or all of your IT operations. For a general idea, here is how you can divide them:

All-Inclusive Managed IT Services

For some companies, it makes the most sense for the managed IT team to act as the company’s IT department, handling all IT needs. This can range from cooperation with the company’s leadership in drawing up the strategic IT business plan to putting the latest updates in accounting software.

Co-Managed IT Services

In other cases, it’s more convenient for the external IT team to handle specific parts of the IT infrastructure. Their role could be to support the in-house IT team only in cases where problems become complex, or they could take care of routine tasks such as backup administration and IT security. Companies that require tailored IT Services and Support can find the best options right in Toronto.

IT Services Toronto Cost Breakdown

For a Toronto business, the cost of IT support can vary widely depending on several factors, especially the kind of services you have chosen. Here is how the average prices of each type of IT support pan out:

Managed IT Support Toronto

Many businesses in Toronto have their IT services for a cost between $100 and $250 per user every month. This can go a long way in covering network management, software and hardware maintenance, and security solutions. To get tailored services, opt for a policy that you can easily customize to guarantee that all your IT needs will be professionally attended to, making you fully satisfied.

Break/Fix IT Services

An hour of break/fix IT services in Toronto costs around $100 to $200. This suits most businesses with very few IT requirements and no ongoing support needs. This will require a pay-per-problem service. This will allow specific issues to be resolved without making a long-term commitment.

Project-Based IT Services

The cost for this may range from $5,000 to $50,000 per project. It can be the best solution when your business has an immediate requirement or needs to accomplish a specific goal concerning the IT sector. This can be things like setting up a new network, migrating to a new software platform, or enhancing cybersecurity measures.

Factors that Influence IT Support Costs:

– Number of Users and Devices

The more the number of users and devices the business has, the more the need for IT support. When the business grows, so do the IT requirements, hence the costs. For one to make good business decisions, they will have to furthermore consider the number of users and the devices that will require support.

– Service Level Agreement (SLA)

SLA stands for Service Level Agreement. It is the contract that you will sign between you, the IT support provider, where the expectations from both sides are clearly defined. Generally, a more detailed SLA means higher costs. Surely, the expense of a huge, detailed SLA is going to mean that you can trust getting effective and timely IT services and support when the need arises.

– Complexity of IT Infrastructure

A fast way and sure shortcut method of determining the cost of IT support is through IT infrastructure complexity. If you have a network that keeps many servers and systems, this, of course, requires more help and more support than a more straightforward setup. It might be a needful check for your budget, but the flip side is that a complex setup brings with it a well-managed infrastructure and, hence security. Managed IT support in Toronto will provide the kind of expertise that will proficiently manage complex IT environments.


Geo-locations far from a town might have higher expenses in comparison with towns due to the effort and resources required to provide the support. 

Get The Best Services From IT Solutions Canada

No two businesses are the same; each comes with challenges and goals of its own. That is why we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to IT support. We start by understanding your needs and then proceed to work hand in hand with you as we develop an IT strategy aligned with your commercial objectives. Our mission is to be service providers: trusted technology partners, guiding you through the continually evolving landscape of IT.

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