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Essential Safety Tips for Remote Work in Toronto

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Despite remote work being adopted by more than 70% of the global population, there is not much available concerning how to manage cyber security threats associated with this form of employment. It is projected that this trend will remain relevant in different sectors for years to come.  You need to ensure that your employees have […]

7 Crucial Reasons To Outsource Your Cybersecurity To An IT Provider in Toronto

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Cybersecurity threats create constant problems for businesses of all sizes in Toronto. The threat landscape constantly evolves, from sophisticated phishing scams to complex malware attacks, and requires a multi-layered and proactive approach toward security. IT outsourcing in Toronto is gaining immense ground as businesses seek the latest technology and services without recruiting and managing a […]

9 Essential Cybersecurity Practices Every Organization Must Implement.

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While advanced cyber threats continue to increase at an alarming rate, both in number and complexity, effective cybersecurity solutions have become a serious business necessity. Organizations need to protect their sensitive data and maintain continuous operations. In this digital epoch, consequences of negligence in cybersecurity may vary from huge data breaches to total operational shutdowns, […]

How Do IT Services In Toronto Handle Data Backup And Recovery?

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The data is worth its weight in gold and has to be protected from problems like cyber-attacks, hardware failures, and human errors. Canadian companies, like anywhere else in the world, need to have an intelligent data recovery and backup system. Just imagine, waking up one morning, ready to tackle a busy day, and there you […]

How Much Do IT Services Typically Cost In Toronto?

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You’ve probably heard a lot by now about how managed IT support in Toronto saves businesses money. Chances are you’re probably wondering if that’s something your business can benefit from as well. This tends to be the most cost-effective and efficient IT solution most of the time. It allows businesses to outsource their IT needs […]